Mar 27, 2011

I Am In Love.

Not with a man, nope, no way.

I am loving these lately:

1. C.O. Bigelow lip products: Apple Rose Salve and Lemon Lip Cream. Both are so refreshing and Summery!

2. The fact that even at 26 years old, I still consult a Magic 8 ball for making life decisions. is the 8 ball of the 21st century.8ball

3. Library books. I embrace my nerdiness.DSC_2566

4. Nerdiness would be an understatement.  This would explain why Ashley and I feel that it’s okay to “power up” with our matching rings. powerup

5. PEEPS!! Justin reintroduced these into my life Thursday night. For the past 20-ish years, I’ve thought that I didn’t like them. Wrong. We ate these peeps in .2 seconds in the Target parking lot.IMG00611-20110324-2201

6. This sign from the tanning bed that I found in Ashley’s bedroom. It was on her desk, but I kindly placed it on her bed where it belongs.ashleyissoclean

7. The fact that we somehow managed to get half of the gym friends out on Friday night. Don’t ask me who the Bob Barker lookalike and his woman are. We just befriended them I guess.DSC_2571 (1280x1024)

8. Chick-fil-A. Did you think it wouldn’t be on this list? Ha.chickfilaobsessed

What are yall up to today? I am off to the Vickery’s Oyster Roast with some gym friends. Sunday Funday!!